The right team can make all the difference. Frustration becomes fun. Broken becomes done right.

Hypercolor Digital has built over 30 different mobile and web app products for startups, established businesses, and Fortune 5 companies.

We are here to help.  Let’s build, together!

Andrew Aarestad

Andrew Aarestad is a partner at Hypercolor Digital. He’s been working with startups full-time since 2011, when he transitioned from the world of GPS firmware to mobile apps.  Since then he has built products as a contractor at dozens of companies and co-founded startups of his own. Andrew manages backend development at Hypercolor, providing guidance, mentoring and software development. Andrew’s technical focus includes algorithm selection and design, analytics planning, and finding the sweet spot between over-engineering and under-building.

Skills: signal processing, machine learning, backend, strategic planning

Seth Uschuk

Skills: backend, frontend, mobile
Contact: Email Seth

Josh Broton

Josh is the co-founder/lead front-end developer of Hypercolor Digital, a small but passionate team of designers and developers who love using technology to solve complex problems and improve the lives of as many people as possible.

Through his almost 25 years of professional development experience, he’s founded or helped grow over 30 early and mid-stage startups, as well as helping some of the largest companies in the world with specialized projects outside the skillsets of their in-house development teams.

Using a deep understanding of modern development tools and techniques, he has been able to efficiently build the web and mobile apps used by these startups to prove a market fit, secure funding, and grow their userbase.

In addition to his work as a developer, Josh is a devoted family man, avid outdoorsman, conference speaker, and occasional failed podcaster.

Skills: frontend, mobile, project management
Contact: Email Josh