Whether it’s an interactive website used by millions of school kids, an app helping college students make connections, or interactive iBook widgets pushing the limits of Apple’s technology, there isn’t a project too big or too hard for Hypercolor Digital.

We’ve built dozens of products for our clients.  Here’s a curated this list of past and current projects to help you get a picture of what we do, but if you have an idea you don’t see here, email us! We’d love to hear about it.

Abuzz: Creating Connections and Improving Education

As student life moves increasingly online, many feel the disconnection. The Abuzz app and web admin, developed by Hypercolor Digital, connect students living on and off campus with clubs, events, the school administration, and each other.

Technologies: Social Networks, Real-Time Messaging, Recommender Systems
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Applauz Ratings: Empowering Patients and Front-Line Workers

Applauz personalizes care providers in real time by asking for feedback after a patient interaction. By connecting a face to a name in that moment, Applauz elevates the patient experience while also collecting important feedback about the quality of care provided.

Technologies: iBeacon, Location, Sentiment Analysis
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Epilogg: A Better Obituary

The team at Epilogg had a vision of a new way to celebrate and share memories of loved ones.  More than a traditional obituary, Epilogg allows anyone to use rich media content and interactive elements to honor those who have passed.

Technologies: Content Management, Search Engine Optimization, Integrations
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The Hunt Agency: Finding the Best Freelancers

Technologies: Marketplaces, Payments, Real-Time Messaging
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