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Noisy Notifications

Andrew Aarestad - 2022/12/05

When was the last time you turned off push notifications for a noisy app?

Mobile apps live and die by their permissions. Sending pushes to users is a great way to get their attention, but too much of a good thing can backfire. Here’s a few tips to keep your engagement up and to the right.

* Track each push to understand its value and effect. Did the user click on it? Did they turn off push permissions after they received it? If you see a significant change in these metrics, it’s time to change.

* Limit marketing pushes. It’s tempting to use this valuable channel to drive traffic to promotions or blogs, but always remember: it’s fragile. Once the user turns off push permissions, they rarely re-enable it. Avoid regular-cadence marketing with this channel.

* Give users the ability to control notifications in your app. Even if all you build is a big “Turn Off All Notifications” button!  It’s better to have users control push from inside your app than in the iOS or Android settings. Make it easy to turn off, and easy to turn back on.

At Hypercolor we keep with these principles in mind any time we are building push. What have you discovered when interacting with your users with push notifications?

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