Spam GPT

Using GPT for text categorization is easy and powerful. We love this use case for large language models and plan to roll this technology into several of our projects. Here’s a quick tutorial on how we build Fine Tuned categorization models and use them in production. The code on this page is available on Github: […]

In The Kitchen With OpenAI: Prepare A Personalized AI Assistant Using ChatGPT

Businesses have sought ways to incorporate AI into their products for many years. In the past, achieving this goal required a significant significant investment in both time and money to create a model tailored to a specific business. As a result, AI solutions were only available for the companies that could afford it. Now, with […]

GitHub Copilot: A Game-Changing Tool for Developers, Or Just The Latest Trend?

During my research into productivity tools a few months ago, I discovered a series of articles highlighting the potential of AI assistants as a game-changing technology in the industry. As a full stack developer who routinely produces large amounts of code, I was immediately drawn to the possibilities of such a tool. After using GitHub […]

Unit Testing Node.js with tsyringe and TypeORM

Get the code for this tutorial here: I’ve been using TypeORM for my Node.js database work for years, but until recently I wasn’t writing units tests with it.  When using TypeORM’s ActiveRecord pattern, testing without a database connection is difficult.  You can spin up a test database or even an in-memory sqlite database, but […]

Noisy Notifications

When was the last time you turned off push notifications for a noisy app? Mobile apps live and die by their permissions. Sending pushes to users is a great way to get their attention, but too much of a good thing can backfire. Here’s a few tips to keep your engagement up and to the right. * […]